What is dPMR™?

dPMR is a 6.25 kHz FDMA based digital radio protocol described in the ETSI technical standards TS 102 490 and TS 102 658. The TS 102 490 standard defines dPMR 446 license-free radio and the TS 102 658 defines Mode 1 peer-to-peer mode, Mode 2 repeater mode and Mode 3 digital trunking. dPMR is specifically targeting highly functional solutions by using lower cost and less complex technology. Details of the dPMR protocol can be found on the dPMR Association website. (http://www.dpmr-mou.org)

dPMR Association site
ETSI Standards Tier Mode Descriptions
TS 102 490 Tier 1 - License-free (dPMR 446)
Mode 1 Direct Peer-to-peer Mode
TS 102 658 Tier 2 Mode 2 Conventional Repeater Mode
Mode 3 Digital Trunking Mode

Currently, the broad range of products and services including telecommunication, broadcast and information services use digital technology and the PMR (Private Mobile Radio) market is no exception. The move toward digital systems started over a decade ago and this trend is still growing rapidly. The merits of moving from analogue to digital are outlined below.

dPMR MoU Group

The dPMR standard is delivered under the initial responsibility of the dPMR MoU group under the mandate of ETSI. The dPMR MoU group selected the standard vocoder and will perform interoperability and conformance testing using ETSI standards. Through evaluation testing, dPMR equipment will interoperate with each other, ensuring longevity of the system, a multi-vendor environment and a good return on investment.

dPMR mode 3

The dPMR standard also defines a centralized trunked network mode (Mode 3) similar to the analogue MPT 1327 trunking in configuration and operation. *

    dPMR™ mode 3 will support
  • Multi-channel, multi-site digital radio networks managed by centralized control channels
  • Call queue management using priority call and emergency call
  • Call diversion to another radio
  • Radio authentication service
*IDAS dPMR products support basic conventional Mode 1 and Mode 2 operation at this stage.

dPMR mode 3

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