dPMR Features

dPMR™ Mode1/2 Conventional Modes

dPMR™ Conventional Mode (Mode 1/ Mode 2)

dPMR Mode 1 and Mode 2 are the digital conventional modes for small user systems and/or for low traffic density systems. Mode 1 is direct peer-to-peer communications (dPMR446 and Licenced) and Mode 2 is repeater/infrastructure added to Mode 1.

The analogue PMR system users who are mainly running 5-Tone or BIIS signaling can easily migrate to the digital conventional mode. “Call setup and clear down” operation is implemented for familiarity for analogue users. dPMR radios are designed to coexist with analogue radio systems, and can receive both analogue and digital mode signals on a single channel.

In Mode 2 conventional systems, up to 16 repeater sites can be interconnected over an IP network, and you can build multi-site systems.

  • • Unique migration solution from analogue to digital
  • • Up to 16 site Networks
  • • Up to 60,000 subscribers
  • • Web based AVL
  • • Web based system administration
    System software updates and configuration online
  • • Status call
  • • Data call (SDM)
  • • Transparent data call
  • • Digital/Analogue dual mode*

* The Mode 2 conventional IP network cannot relay voice traffic over the IP network if the uplink is analogue.

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